Dr. Monica takes the time to go over all needs. not just the physical, but understanding the outside effects that can cause some issues. daily and emotional stresses that effect over all health
Deborah N. | Feb 15, 2024

she really cares about her patient and she does her best to take care of them
Margaret S. | Feb 11, 2024

I love Dr Lominchar I have been a patient for over 10 years. I would recommend 100%
Jennifer C. | Dec 27, 2023

Love the atmosphere and my Doctor
Marshita C. | Nov 22, 2023

I have had the best experience with Dr Monica LOMINCHAR over 25 years. She is very patient professional and caring, for lack of a better word. After all the years of practice, I hope this work better for her and the staff. It has been a pleasure to have had her for my doctor. Thanks to her. Barbara Johnson
Barbara J. | Oct 18, 2023

Was wonderful to be back under Dr Lominchar’s excellent care and concern for the well being of her patients!
Jane B. | Oct 02, 2023

There was no waiting, and the doctor was very helpful and attentive!
John G. | Oct 02, 2023

Professional. Empathetic. Constructively guiding me to be to be healthier.
James B. | Sep 26, 2023

I had several things to discuss with Dr Lominchar and she was very patient and took as long as we needed. I felt heard. We made a plan to move forward and I was very relieved. I feel better already!
Dorothy C. | Sep 19, 2023

Every visit with Dr. Lominchar is a joy. I always feel seen and heard, and she is so transparent with everything. She really works with me as a team member to keep me healthy.
Maggie W. | Sep 18, 2023

I love Dr Lominchar, I have bee a patient for a very long time and would reccomend her 100%
Jennifer C. | Sep 11, 2023

Dr. Lominchar took enough time to go over my bloodwork and discuss which vaccines I need this fall. And the medical assistant quickly ordered my medication for me at Express Scripts.
Judith D. | Sep 11, 2023

Nursing and clerical staff were Professional and kind. Dr. Lominchar showed Professional support and kindness. Excellent care in my health and provided me with referral when needed. Caring & Professional
Yvonne J. | Aug 07, 2023

Dr Lominchar, and her staff, were very responsive to my request for a virtual appointment and got me in within 1 hour. That was amazing. I appreciate her and Cynthia, her nurse, and their hard work in caring for my health.
Cindy S. | Jul 31, 2023

Dr. Lominchar is wonderful!
Paula S. | Jul 24, 2023

Dr Monica actually listen to her patients need. Everything that is wrong with you she will find a way to correct the problem. Always a great office visit.
Jean P. | Jul 04, 2023

The staff was relaxed and friendlier. Dr. Lominchar took a great deal of time discussing my health and expectations with me.
Carolyn E. | Jul 03, 2023

She really listens and responds to your concerns and questions. So willing to help also, respectful of patient’s decisions regarding their own healthcare
Jan E. | Jun 28, 2023

I didn’t have to wait long. Dr. Lominchar reviewed the results from my lab and shared valuable information to me that would get me on the right track health wise.
Janet S. | Jun 28, 2023

Thank you Dr Lominchar and team! Dr L took the necessary time to actively listen to concerns and actively engage. She is an excellent physician! Cynthia is wonderful as is the rest of the team. Thank you
Alisa S. | Jun 04, 2023

Wonderful and very caring doctor, listens to you and your needs and really wants to help you! I would not go to another doctor, she is the best.
Roberta C. | May 17, 2023

I had an outstanding experience with Dr. Lominchar, but trying to follow up and speak to someone in administration is nearly impossible. I’ve had to call 3xs asking for someone to call me back to get one of my tests ordered. I am hoping 3x is the charm and I will hear back vs getting a text that is not solving the issue.
Amy C. | May 08, 2023

Dr Lominchar truly cares about het patients. She has a great compassion and desire to help and heal. Not just cover up symptoms that may be happening at a deeper level. She wants to get to the root cause. I am very thankful!
Donna B. | May 01, 2023

Everyone was so friendly and very attentive. Dr. Lominchar was amazing! So helpful, patient and caring. So glad I have her to help me and guide me with my health journey!
JESSICA B. | Apr 18, 2023

Dr. Lominchar called to discuss upcoming Colonoscopy and explained details. She is scheduling me for an Appointment.
Roy G. | Apr 17, 2023

Loved that Dr sat and listened to me without typing into computer
Victoria K. | Mar 27, 2023

Dr.Lominchar was Great but not enough information about how to get meals and where to start on phone with meal preps
Theresa R. | Mar 20, 2023

Meeting with the Dr. was great. She praised me for improvements that she noticed from my labs.
Janet S. | Mar 03, 2023

Dr Lominchar is very kind considerate and doesn’t rush you like some providers. She will take the time to listen to you and then also set up a plan that will work for you. Her Nurse has been there for awhile and she is also very kind and thoughtful and will always respond to any messages you may have to send in your patient portal. It’s hard to find an office that truly cares about their patients. The front office can get busy very fast but always professional.
Janel D. | Feb 22, 2023

Good experience. Dr logged on an hour after appointment time. I do understand that I was a last minute appointment however & that this was as a favor to me.
Susan V. | Feb 21, 2023

Doctor Lominchar was attentive, easy to talk to, and thorough in her exam and evaluation. I never felt rushed. She took her time, asked lots of questions and answered all of mine.
Dena W. | Feb 20, 2023

Always a great chat with my doctor and see the end result from following her orders.
Felicia S. | Feb 20, 2023

Dr. Lomanchar is the most wonderful Dr. I have ever experienced! She loves her patients and her job! She is a great listener and has a great ability to find out what the problem is and how to correct it!!!! ❤️ She is so very kind and caring!!!!!I am grateful to her every day ❤️
Royxann W. | Feb 03, 2023

She is attentive to my needs and concerns. Never has ever gave any negative advice. Office wait can be a little longer to norma,, at times, Staff is wonderful. The phone system can do with some improvement.
Virginia R. | Feb 01, 2023

The most caring doctor I have found, and very knowledgeable
Linda C. | Feb 01, 2023

With the nurse and Dr. Lominchar, always positive. Office staff, different ever monthly visit I make. Extremely slow. Don’t seem to know much about making appointments. Checking in was a 25 minute wait with 3 others in front of me. Checking out about the same way. One had to ask the other one in the office every question. Step by step. If it wasn’t for the nurse and Dr Lominchar, I would fine a new doctor in Summerville. Been with the doctor since 1996. It honestly gets worse with every visit on a monthly basis. Thank you.
Donna H. | Jan 31, 2023

As a helpful hint, your staff may want to make patients aware to look for an email from RUPA. I almost erased it thinking it was SPAM. Sort of a funny name.
Beverly B F. | Nov 28, 2022

Not a long wait time. Good visit with Dr. Lominchar. Staff very courteous.
Sherrie D. | Nov 14, 2022